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Ordering and Delivery


Due to the backlog of work I am not currently able to take on any new orders.

I apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused and would like to thank my customers for their continued patience and understanding.

For the latest information find us on Facebook

Waiting Times

I make everything by hand and many orders are bespoke. As a result I have a long waiting list. Currently delivery time is around 6-8 months from the receipt of your deposit. This will change according to demand and is revised frequently. When I am about to start your order I will send you an e-mail to confirm that you still want to go ahead with the order.


Once your order has been completed I will send you an e-mail with a picture of the item for your approval and an invoice for the outstanding amount due. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, PayPal, International Money Orders (in pounds stirling) or by cheque (cheques should be made payable to “Paul Binns”) Please note: if paying by bank transfer you must pay the banks fees and if paying by PayPal there is a 5% additional charge to cover PayPal’s fees


Once I have received your cleared payment your order will be packed and shipped to your confirmed address by insured carriage. Please note: if you are ordering from abroad it is up to you to establish whether any additional paperwork is needed for importation to your country (legalities such as weapons licenses or import taxes to be paid) failure to tell me of any such fact can lead to severe delays or even confiscation of goods by customs.

Upon receipt of your parcel please carefully check the tape seal round the box. If it looks like it has been opened or damaged in transit please sign the courier/postal receipt as "box opened" or open it in the presence of the courier to check the contents and list anything on the couriers receipt that is missing. It is extremely rare for anything to be stolen or lost in transit but should it occur we have to prove it to claim on the insurance and this can only be done effectively if you have noted such facts on the courier/postal receipt that you have to sign.

 Once you have your order in your hands please send me an email  to tell me all is well. This is important because there is a time limit for claims for parcels lost in transit and also I like to know that you are happy with your order.

The Law

All work undertaken is subject to English law. When ordering sharp items I will need proof of identity in order to establish you are over 18 years of age at the time of ordering.

I do not make anything on the Home Office banned weapons list - for example, flick knives, knuckledusters, swordsticks, tiger claws, push daggers, shuriken etc. Furthermore I will not entertain orders to manufacture anything unusual on a custom basis which I have cause to believe will be of use in the commissioning of a criminal act or if I consider the resultant article will have any inherent vice.

The spirit of my enterprise is to recreate the edged arms of European history for responsible collectors and living history enthusiasts. These are supplied in varying states of sharpness/ edge and or point dimension according to need. Please ensure I am informed as to the exact use that you require of any item ordered.

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